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New favorites

27 Dec

Zurich, Switzerland is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I got to watch the sunrise over the Swiss Alps this morning, & as much as that sounds like I should be writing a poem about my ex first love, it really was one of the most surreal & incredible experience I have ever had.


Christmas Day

25 Dec

I got some emerald earrings & an espresso machine. Joy to my world. Going to Europe in the morning. Unless I am suffering from extreme jet-lag (which will more than likely be the case), I will be on hiatus until sometime in January.

Also, let me be one of the only ones to say: “A Christmas Story” is a stupid movie & should never, ever be shown for a full 24 hours.

On a happier note: I hope everyone is enjoying today with their loved ones. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve

24 Dec

A happy Christmas to you & yours.

Just because she likes the same bizzaro crap you do, doesn’t mean she’s your soul mate.

22 Dec

Im going to London in October to look for a job & a place to live. Might as well try my hand at a different country. Maybe people aren’t  so retarded over there. & besides, they wear nicer clothes.

Down the rabbit hole

20 Dec

Flaming pie

18 Dec

It’s snowing pretty hard around these parts. It’s pretty, I’m cold, & I could really go for a cup of tea & a burrow buddy (two things I left behind in California).

(one day.)


17 Dec

Loving Burberry’s pre-fall 2010 collection. I see a lot of 1930’s men’s wear inspired pieces.