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Frivolous Friday

28 May

So sorry for the lack of updates this week. I am currently out of town & somewhat busy. However, I can’t stop watching Lover’s video “The Harvest” for their fall/winter collection. It’s old news, I realize that, but it’s just so visually beautiful (& those clothes! I need.) that I had to post it…past season or not.

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Sunshine State

26 May

Let’s face it- it’s hotter than the hinges of hell in some places. I leave tonight to fly back south for a week & I am mentally preparing myself for the heat & humidity. The nice thing about most southern places I visit is that these cities are all near a beach/lake/river, so thankfully, there is someplace to cool off when you feel the heat getting to you. Though I am not going to be anywhere near Key West this next week, the thought of jumping in a big, blue ocean hasn’t escaped my mind. Hopefully I’ll make it down there sometime in the near future (maybe when I go to Orlando in a few months?). So what would I wear, you might ask? Something colorful, simple, & comfortable…also something that won’t make me drenched in sweat. Ah, summertime….

London Calling

24 May

I am pretty obsessed with London; it’s my goal to eventually move there, which is why I am currently in the process of getting my duel citizenship. My dream job is to work for Lula Magazine, which, as most of you probably know, is based out of London. I’m getting close to graduation, so moving there has been on my mind more than normal lately.

With that said, if I were there right now, there are two things I know I would be doing: during the day, I’d be strolling around the Kensington gardens, & at night, I’d be shooting back gin & tonics at a local bar (c’mon, I’m 24- what do you expect?). & what might one wear during these activities, you ask? I’ll show you.



There’s one thing I know for sure about Britain’s nightly attire- they are much more willing to show skin & bring a lot of tough edge to their style. That’s something you don’t see a lot of here in the states, but through my obsessive blogging, I have learned that almost anything goes in London when it comes to style, & I absolutely love that.

Frivolous Friday

21 May

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Daria Werbowy – total babe.

Dossier; issue 5.



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Country roads, take me home….

20 May

The main thing I love about summer is my mini-break from school because I finally get the chance to fly across country & go home for a bit. One of my absolute favorite places in the south is Tennessee. It’s one of the most beautiful states I have ever been to & full of the some of the coolest, most laid back cities in the country. Take for example, Nashville (only a few hours north of my home city). I love this place. The music, the river, the people, the art, the vintage shops….it’s all so wonderful & comforting that I couldn’t help but take myself there on a pretend vacation today.

(ps: those House of Harlow bracelets are my absolute favorites right now. Too bad they cost over $100 just for one. hah)

Under the Sea

19 May

I’ve spent the past few days relaxing & rediscovering the magnificence that is Wes Anderson. I was in a bit of a trance watching “The Life Aquatic” & it really inspired me to base an outfit around the movie. I would love to live out at sea & have a submarine to take deep into the ocean. I realize there is a required uniform for Team Zissou, but what about on your downtime? I’ve taken care of that for you.

& just because I feel the need to share this beautiful scene. . . .

Daily Activity

19 May

After a week of what felt like the gloomiest weather, it’s finally a nice day in San Francisco. With that in mind, I thought it’d be perfect weather do something fun around the bay area. Every now & then, I’ll hear about hot air balloon rides being given a little bit north of here, & though I have yet to go, I’ve always wanted to. Today would be a perfect day to float around the sky.