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Jeremy Scott

23 Apr

Jeremy Scott is pretty well-known for his silly & funky creations, but his past F/W 2010 collection was so bizarre, it was outstanding. Granted, I don’t think you’ll see anyone aside from Lady Gaga waltzing down the street in one of these like it’s no big deal, but Lordy, Lordy- I had a fit over this collection.


TCM Film Festival

18 Apr

Love, love, loving the new ad campaign for TCM’s Classic Film Festival. I pull a lot of inspiration from old films (as a matter of fact, I have an entire folder dedicated to school projects I have done based off of old movies), so these posters are just filling my head with ideas.

{“The Graduate” & “Sunset Boulevard”}

{“Top Hat” & “A Star Is Born”}

{“Singing In The Rain” & “Saturday Night Fever”}

{“The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” & “Casablanca”}

Source: IMP Awards

Young Hearts

13 Apr

Loving this photoshoot directed & styled by one of my favorite bloggers. Definitely reflects my own personality & style, which made me quite drawn to it. It also makes me think of some of my girlfriends back home. Beautiful.

Source: FashionLane

A quick PS

9 Apr

It’s finally here gays & girls!!

Aiden is back & the girly/stupid side of me just bursted into flames & died a quick & fabulous death. It comes out on my bday weekend- what a wonderful gift! Thank you, Hollywood. You did something right.

Back in the day

9 Apr

I’ve been looking back to my childhood & previous years as recent inspiration. I recently ran across a blog entry from A Cup of Jo that had a pictorial of stuffed animals. It got me thinking about that one toy we all had as a kid that we would be devastated if ever lost, even to this day. I have a stuffed lamb (LambyPie) that has been by my side for 23 years. She’s sitting on my bed right now, as a matter of fact. I remember, about 3 years ago, I thought I had lost her & went into a panic. I cried for a good three days. It was like loosing my child. It didn’t help that my mom found my old baby book that same night & the entry she randomly decided to read was about my first encounter with LambyPie (my very first Easter, she was waiting for me in my yellow basket). Oh, I just about wanted to kill myself. Turns out, my sweet little lamb had fallen down the side of my bed & was stuck between the wall & my dust-ruffle. Needless to say, when I found her, we (me, mom, & even though he thought it was really dumb- my brother) threw a little “thank god you’re okay/we love you” party. Hah, yeah…well…ever since then, LambyPie has been carefully placed everywhere she goes. I haven’t let her out of my sight. She’s been to Costa Rica, Mexico, Greece, Switzerland, all over the US- made pit stops in France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom….she’s very worldly. I just adore her.

Did some camping

4 Apr

Spring has sprung

2 Apr

I have a love/hate relationship with spring & summer. I love the warmer months because I’m a big outdoors person- the nicer weather makes my kayaking, hiking, & camping trips much more enjoyable. Also, I like jumping off of random objects into lakes & rivers, which I won’t do when it’s cold cos I don’t want to get pneumonia. However, I hate warmer months for a very stupid & girlie reason: my hair. I have long, curly/wavy hair which goes completely nuts in heat & humidity. Oh, it’s just pathetic. Needless to say, by the time spring & summer passes, my hair throws a celebratory party. With that said, however, I’ll take my messy hair any day if that means I get to go for a good hike & then jump out of a tree into a big river at the end of the day.

Da da da — here’s a list of my spring wants & inspirations: