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Tuesday’s gone with the wind

1 Sep

All I want to do is bring a sack of hushpuppies to a pier, stuff my face, & then go fishing for catfish. Maybe listen to some Leadbelly, cos that won’t scare the fish away- just bring them closer. I’ll be in Louisiana in exactly 3 weeks, so kiss my ass, California.


Statesboro Blues

28 Aug

School may have started back for most, but technically, summer isn’t over. & with summer, comes a shit ton of music festivals. Being a music journalist, I get to go to my share of these little shindigs. San Fran is home to some pretty good ones…& in light of two of my favorite music festivals coming up soon (Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX & VooDoo Fest in New Orleans), I figured I’d put together a little something for the occasion.

Have a good weekend, dudes.

Get r’ done

27 Aug

As stated in my “about me” section, I write for a music magazine out here. Though I love fashion & bullshit bullshit bullshit…being a music journalist has been my dream job since I was about 8. My best friend of 20 years moved back to Austin, TX (along with her brothers & mom- where she is originally from) about 5 years ago & has been trying to get me out there with her ever since. I came close to living there in 2005, but went to New York instead…& ever since New York, I haven’t been able to keep my feet on the ground.

However, now that graduation is closely approaching, it’s time for me to look for big girl jobs- & as luck may have it, a few magazines based out of Austin are interested in talking to me. I’ll be going down there soon to interview & wow them with my knowledge of…nothing…& hopefully be all set once I get my diploma. I don’t know- I just miss Allison & we’ve been talking about this happening ever since we went our separate ways.

Who knows what the future holds, really? I’m applying for jobs there, New York, Atlanta, Nashville, & even at a place in Pittsburgh. I miss the south way too much, so New York & Pittsburgh are not at the top of my list, but at this point in the game, whoever offers me a job, I am taking it- despite location.

Blah blah blah- since I am going to Austin once it cools down & need to look somewhat put together (but still slightly off balanced, since that seems to be my typical style) when I meet with potential employers, here’s a little number I threw together & wouldn’t mind wanderin’ around Austin in.

Big Easy

23 Aug

I’m heading to New Orleans pretty soon; going back to the city I consider my second home & taking one of my best friends with me (since she’s never been). Chances are, we’re just gonna drink too much & hang out in dirty bars listening to 900 year old black men sing the blues, but thankfully for us- that sounds like the most perfect time.

Since it gets a little bit windy in NO, I opted for pants instead of a dress/skirt/shorts. & I figured we’ll probably go to the aquarium (because who doesn’t like a good aquarium?) & those places are always cold. Anyway- here’s something I am planning to wear one of the days we are down there. I love that shirt; it’s been a staple in my wardrobe for over a year. So comfortable & stupid looking.

Also, I will be going to Texas soon, cos it turns out three magazines down there are interested in talking to me. Crossing my fingers for a job the second I graduate. I don’t feel like moving back in with my mom right after graduation. Let me be one of the small statistics that actually gets employed these days, please….

PS: Today is my brother’s 29th birthday. I would wish that piece of shit a happy birthday, but I really don’t care. Love you, bro.

“You’ve got Plaza on you”

20 Aug

I am going home in a few weeks to pay a visit to my sweet friends, lovely family, & my two favorite shitty bars. I just bought some motorcycle boots the other day & have been planning outfits around them for different places. Since I use home (Birmingham, AL) as my inspiration 98% of the time, I based my motorcycle boot outfit around a regular ol’ night on the town with my pals.

The Nick is my favorite bar back home. It’s also the most disgusting. I mean, I honestly want to puke if I accidently touch a wall or the ground with uncovered parts of my body. It’s so gross, yet so amazing. The Plaza (my other favorite bar) is the exact same way- except, I think you run a higher risk of catching a STD by just standing inside The Nick rather than The Plaza. Ah, home….

That Guns N’ Roses shirt makes me wanna punch something. In a good way, of course….It also makes me want to listen to Ram Jam; I have no idea why, but I am about to do just that.

Day trip

14 Jun

For those on a budget this summer, mini-vacations (day trips) are a great way to spend the day away from reality & have fun with your friends & family. Personally, I love aquariums & getting to go to one is always an adventure. Thus far, my favorite aquarium I have visited is in Chattanooga, TN- but for those who live in Northern California, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is pretty amazing, too. I highly recommend a visit!

As for the outfit, I kept it pretty simple & a little delicate. I love black & white, so when I base an outfit around those two colors, I try to only add one pop color. In this case, I chose a yellow bag by Lucky Brand- however, the nice thing about black & white, is that you can choose any pop color you want & it will go together perfectly.

When You Wish Apon a Star…

13 Jun

I usually don’t post on weekends, but since I missed a few days this week. . . .

Popular vacation spots during the summer months are theme parks. As a matter of fact, I am flying to Orlando in a few weeks to play around Disney & The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) before I go back to school. Now, I used to live in Orlando & actually worked for the Disney theme park, so I know how hot it can get- not only in Florida, itself, but also standing in all of those crowds at the park. If you’re not covered in sweat & cussing out whoever you’re with due to the heat making you a raging bitch, then there is something wrong with you.

However, with the right attire (& let’s face it- a squirt bottle fan), you can avoid pissing off your crew with your bad attitude & disgusting body odor.

Keep it basic! Do not pile on the accessories or layers. The simpler, the better. Leaves the heels & hobo bags at home, ladies. You’ll be outside & walking around all day, so there is no need to torture yourself with stiletto pumps  & a heavy bag. Stock up on those $2 flip flops from Old Navy, basic t’s & tanks, & a small bag. The less you have on you, the cooler you’ll be- & the cooler you are, the happier you are…which is something you & you’re vacation party will be very happy about.