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Cover Songs

30 Sep

The Beatles via The Muppets


Old stone

29 Sep

lakeI have learned that trying again is important & decisiveness is good.

I have learned that silence hurts.

I have learned about starting over
& releasing pride.

Good day, sunshine

29 Sep

It’s officially autumn, & with autumn comes the color pallet of eggplant, black, brown, grey, forest green, cranberry, blah blah blah. They are all beautiful colors, but I am a rebel & like to live life on the edge. I go against the rules. I say, add bright colors to the cold days- do yellow!






As much as I love this color, I, unfortunately, can’t wear it. I have an olive skin tone, which means, if I wear yellow, I turn green & look like I am about to vomit on someone. I don’t think that’s an impression I want to make on anyone, so I tend to just marvel over yellow instead of wear it. I could probably get away with the scarfs & shoes- and maybe…maybe the first dress (it’ll be pushing it, for sure), but that’s about as far as I’ll go.

All of these pieces can be found at


28 Sep

Obviously, people pull a lot of happiness, beauty, & inspiration from the music they listen to. Music is very important to me, as I am guessing it is for most people.

It’s nearly 2am, & I can’t sleep a wink. Here are some songs that tickle my fancy.

All-time favorite songs:

“Sweet Virginia”- The Rolling Stones

“One Way Out”- The Allman Brothers

“Maggie May”- Rod Stewart

“Oh, Josephine”- The Black Crowes

01. “Cotton Fields”- Creedence Clearwater Revival (originally Leadbelly)

02. “Poison”- Alice Cooper

03. “Ophelia”- The Band

04. “I’m On Fire”- Bruce Springsteen

05. “Memphis, Tennessee”- Chuck Berry

06. “Proud Mary”- Creedence Clearwater Revival

07. “My Fathers Gun”- Elton John

08. “Heartbreak Hotel”- Elvis

09. “Big Love”- Fleetwood Mac

10. “My Sweet Lord”- George Harrison

11. “Rich Girl”- Hall & Oats

12. “Instant Karma”- John Lennon

13. “Lost Highway”- Hank Williams Sr.

14. “Moon River”- Henry Mancini

15. “Let It All Out (Let It All Hang Out)”- The Hombres

16. “Crossroads”- Hound Dog Taylor

17. “Take Five”- Hound Dog Taylor

18. “Somebodys Baby”- Jackson Browne

19. “That’s Life”- James Brown (originally Frank Sinatra)

20. “A Boy Named Sue”- Johnny Cash

21. “Hoodoo Man Blues”- Junior Wells

22. “Since I’ve Been Loving You”- Led Zeppelin

23. “Church”- Lyle Lovett

24. “Swamp Music”- Lynard Skynard

25. “Louisiana Blues”- Muddy Waters

26. “A Whiter Shade of Pale” -Procol Harem

27. “Beast of Burden”- The Rolling Stones

28. “Hotel Chelsea Nights”- Ryan Adams

29. “Lazy Bones”- Skip James

30. “Baby Please Don’t Go”- Van Morrison

31. “Macon Hambone Blues”- Wet Willie

32. “A Change Is Gonna Come”- Sam Cooke

33. “Bring It On Home To Me”- Wilson Pickett

If you’re a sweet pal of mine, you may be wondering why Tom Petty & Thin Lizzy are not listed. Simple. I could name about 33 of my favorite songs for each of them. It was too hard to chose one song to put on this list, so I just left both of them out. You can’t really go wrong with any Tom Petty or Thin Lizzy.

Enjoy these tunes.

I am a road runner

28 Sep

elizabethtown1louisville1louisville2Every time I move away from home, I become re-obsessed with the movie “Elizabethtown.” Mostly because all of the characters remind me of my family & friends, & a part of me feels less homesick every time I watch it.

Going to an art school, you develop a very technical eye for design: you notice every tiny detail. Also with going to art school, you realize you’re able to find the biggest inspiration in the smallest thing. A speck of dust, a pinch of dirt, a piece of lint on your shirt- it doesn’t really matter as long as you can create something from it.

Though this movie isn’t as small as a speck of dust or pinch of dirt, it is something I have been pulling a lot of inspiration from (this movie & Louisville, KY in general). I’ve been to Louisville once & really loved it. It’s beautiful there. I spent some time driving around & exploring the place while an old pal was at work. I met some of the nicest people, saw some of the prettiest places, etc. Ever sense I left, I’ve wanted to go back & spend more time exploring & re-exploring all of those places I found the last time I was there. Incredible.

Fee Fie Fo Fum

27 Sep

I think it’s safe to say that out of my friends back home, I am probably one of (if not the most) girliest out of all of us ladies. My girlfriends are sweet as pie, but tough as nails. & though I can defend myself if need be, I’m usually too caught up in the clouds to do so.

& with being a girly girl, comes the fascination of princesses & fairy tales. I’m not going to try to hide the fact that I used to run around my backyard & pretend to be princess Buttercup from “The Princess Bride,” or that I had this magnificent playhouse that my uncle turned into the most glorious thing you have ever seen & it was used to host tea parties for all of my fairy friends. Oh no, I am not ashamed. I had a wooden horse on the porch (named Lightening [a la “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”]) that used to carry me off into forests to defeat all of the evil that hid behind huge oaks. This was my life until I was about…well, it’s still my life. Sometimes I act like my bike is Lightening, & we’re going to fight off the evil of San Francisco. It’s normal.

Anyway- I stumbled across this wonderful photographer, Eugenio Recuenco. His style is a little mystical & fantasy. The bottom pictures are all classic fairy tales. He does all sorts of themed work, so he’s well worth checking out.





God is bigger than beer

26 Sep

Not too long ago, I wrote a note on Facebook about my quest in trying to understand God, trying to find a religion I truly believe in, etc. I’ve read & studied about all types of religions; I’ve gone to many different services, met many different priests & preachers…

Nothing was doing it for me. Some things were too strict, some things were too liberal. I’m a very liberal person, so when I think something is TOO liberal, that’s saying something.

greekchurch2greek1I stopped going to the Greek church (where I was baptized) when I was 9 years old. Half of the service was done in Greek, which I didn’t understand, & by the time they got to the English part, I was already tuned out & wasn’t paying attention. Religion should never be forced- that’s something I learned from my mother, so she told me if I didn’t want to go back, I didn’t have to.

I didn’t go back for 13 years. & it never bothered me up until recently.

I moved to a city that I first loved. There’s so much in San Francisco to see & learn. But after a few months, that all started to fade away. A part of it had to do with the fact that I have moved 11 times in the past 5 years, & I’m pretty sure the move to California just took it out of me. I’m tired of leaving. & it’s not fun anymore. However, I moved out here for a reason. & I have committed myself to staying here until I graduate school, so I knew I was going to have to dig myself out of the slump I had sunk into.

I kept looking for things that made me happy; different activities, my friends, driving along the coast with my windows down while blasting The Rolling Stones….None of it was working the way I had hoped.

One day, it all just clicked. I needed a stronger faith. I’ve always been a spiritual person. I’ve always believed in God. The world is too incredible for there not to be a higher power…but I never understood why. Without having some understanding of anything, it’s hard to put your entire heart into it. & that’s exactly where I stood. I believed, but I didn’t know what I believed in or how to properly believe in it.

It may sound confusing, & I’m sorry- it makes sense in my head.

I did my research with various religions. Read & studied a lot. Went to a lot of different services. I wasn’t having much luck. I decided to give my original religion another shot. I went back to the Greek church.

There’s a big difference in going to church when you’re 23 as opposed to 9. I wanted to be there. I wanted to understand. I wanted to feel connected.

greek2It probably sounds cheesy, but as I sat in the pew, my heart melted. I was happy & sad all at once. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was finally getting it.

I took communion for the first time in 13 years. I felt blessed. I really did. Father Michael (my priest) found me after the service & welcomed me to the church. He asked me why I chose to come. I told him I felt lost & disconnected & I wanted to understand more about my faith.

He told me this story about him having a stroke, which caused him to have awful back problems. He said he sees it as a gift. He’s now able to relate to those who have gone through the same thing & can spread his warmth & love onto them- & they trust him more because they know he’s been in their shoes. He then said it’s okay for me to have my doubts, it’s okay that I make mistakes, it’s okay that I feel lost sometimes. By feeling the way I do, & making the mistakes I have, I am now able to connect myself to more people. I am able to make a bigger impact on others than I would had I not had my doubts, etc. He told me that no matter what I do, how foul my language may be, how many doubts I may have, I am still loved, cared for, & welcomed.

It’s exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve heard one too many times God is judging me & I need to find Jesus because I say the word “fuck” more than I probably should, or because I have one too many drinks in celebration after a semester of school ends. People made me fear Him- like He was hovering over me, shaking his head, & just waiting to damn me to Hell with whatever my next move was going to be.

greek3Finally, someone made me realize that’s not the case. Someone took the time out of their day to sit down with me & tell me God thinks I am a good person, even if I drop f-bombs more than I blink.

What Father Michael said to me, what he said during church, made me realize that I belong to the church I have always been associated with. I have started going back to the Greek Orthodox Church. I take communion every Sunday, I light candles for those I love, I do my cross, I kiss my icons, I pray, etc.

I see the world much differently than I did before. Things have become easier out here. I have something to turn to when I feel so lost I may puke.

I’m happy. I’ve found what I was looking for. & in case you were wondering, all of these pictures are of my church. It is beautiful there, but you should see the one in Birmingham. You’ll lose your breath.