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Free People

10 Feb

hello, strangers. it has been quite a long time; it wasn’t all a total break from backwoods, but i’ve been swamped with job 1, job 2, and finishing my last semester of school. whew- a lot of things going on. i won’t elaborate, because this isn’t a blog about my personal life- but here i am, back & ready to show the goods (not my goods, but maybe the goods in my closet).

before continuing though, i would just like to let y’all know that i am probably shutting down this account soon and moving over to blogger. this layout looks rather funky on every other computer & it isn’t exactly what i want. wordpress isn’t the best with layouts & i am not the best with html, however, blogger’s got some good stuff.

i’ll let you know as soon as a decision is made & where i will be. but now…onto the clothes!

meadow, candy, ginger, lou

free people girls of style, feb ’11

LOVE…probably because it reminds me of Alabama (my one true love).



13 Aug

For the record, I do have a personal blog. I’ve been asked about it in comments.

Which, real quick; speaking of comments: I do receive them, however I don’t approve them; it messes with my dashboard if I approve them. Do know that I read them & I appreciate your kind words. If you want to ask me a question about something, just leave your email address & I’ll do my best to get back to you.

Anyway- personal blog. I have one, yes. There isn’t a link posted for certain reasons (mostly because I have potential employers reading every now & then), but if you really want to find it, you’ll be able to. There is enough information on this website for you to figure it out in a few searches or something.

Also, my computer is still getting fixed, which is why there is a lack of posting. That, plus midterms, plus 2 jobs, plus this awful/ & awfully sad month that has been taking over isn’t helping. I’ll be back on top of things once I get my computer & my mind back.

RIP Macbook Pro

23 Jul

The fat & retarded 4 legged purrbeast I live with broke my computer the other night, therefore, I am computer-less until my Mac comes back from being fixed. That means don’t expect too many posts, but I’ll try to keep them coming as much as I can.

My cat weighs about 30 lbs & destroys everything from being over-weight. When he sits down, he knocks everything over. My Mac was no exception. It was like watching a cartoon. I saw him jump up on the table & all I could think was “nooooooooo….” But it was too late before I could come to my computers rescue.

Anyway, so this post isn’t completely pointless, here’s a picture of some new Alexander Wang shoes. He sure knows how to bring the fugz.

God, these are hideous. Someone I know should buy them, though.


19 Jun

Hi all- just a little note to say I am going to be taking a break for a week or so. I just finished this quarter of school, & I honestly have no desire to look at a computer for a few days. My eyes are burnt to a crisp from sitting in five different 4 hour classes for 11 weeks straight, looking at a computer. I’ll be back around shortly. & also, now that classes are over & this blog has served its purpose for a certain class, it will now be going back to randomness. I’ll still do pretend outfits every now & again, but I liked my blog the way it was before- random & chaotic. See you soon!

Blog note

16 May

Hi readers –

Backwoods is about to take a turn in a different direction for a little while. Most of my posts from now on are going to be geared towards picking out outfits for random pretend vacations I want to eventually go on. I love to travel, & for those of you who actually know me outside of internet land, you know I will pack up & disappear with a snap of a finger. I’ve been a lot of places, I’ve seen a lot of things, I’ve observed styles from all around…so, I thought it would be fun to throw together pieces that I think would work in really fun places. Every Friday, however, I am going to continue with random inspiration posts, since I know a lot of you enjoy the randomness that ensues around here on Backwoods more than every once in awhile. So, with that said, I hope you enjoy the way I plan to take this blog for the next few weeks. Feel free to comment (goes straight to email, will not show up on my blog b/c I have public comments disabled, due to it slowing down wordpress for some reason) & let me know what you think!

Peace to you & yours – –

XOX- Ann

Oh boy

29 Nov

Merci, merci, merci to whomever plugged my blog today! To my surprise, the numbers on this thing hit a new high around 10am this morning! So, if you’re the little lad or lady who linked me- you are incredible!

Au Revoir!

3 Nov

As some of you probably know, I used to live in Orlando, FL back in 2006-2007. As much as I loved that city & made some of the most amazing friends, I had to move away because it was too much of a temptation (hah). After almost 2 & a half years of being away, I am flying back tomorrow morning & spending almost a week reconnecting with all of my old, amazing pals & partying my tush off. Therefore, Backwoods Fashionista will be on hiatus until next Tuesday or so.