13 Feb






Free People

10 Feb

hello, strangers. it has been quite a long time; it wasn’t all a total break from backwoods, but i’ve been swamped with job 1, job 2, and finishing my last semester of school. whew- a lot of things going on. i won’t elaborate, because this isn’t a blog about my personal life- but here i am, back & ready to show the goods (not my goods, but maybe the goods in my closet).

before continuing though, i would just like to let y’all know that i am probably shutting down this account soon and moving over to blogger. this layout looks rather funky on every other computer & it isn’t exactly what i want. wordpress isn’t the best with layouts & i am not the best with html, however, blogger’s got some good stuff.

i’ll let you know as soon as a decision is made & where i will be. but now…onto the clothes!

meadow, candy, ginger, lou

free people girls of style, feb ’11

LOVE…probably because it reminds me of Alabama (my one true love).

Under pressure

8 Oct

This has nothing to do with fashion or anything, but I wanted to show you guys this awesome video. Some of you know I used to do a lot of work with the San Francisco Homeless Services Coalition until we had to close the doors due to the economy. Anything that brings light to the growing problem of homelessness is something that I feel needs to be brought to attention.

This video is so awesome. Not only is it one of the most entertaining things you’ll watch all day, but this guy made the video for a legitimate cause- which is something we should all appreciate. This guy isn’t homeless, he is a performer who wants everyone to acknowledge the homelessness problem we have on our hands, because it’s affecting families everywhere.

Watch this. It’s so good…& Kermit is singing.

Hello, lover

7 Oct

Alexander Wang

Holy moly…you’re fuckin’ up my bank account, dude.


28 Sep

Just checking in. Letting you know I am still alive. I can’t promise I’ll be alive much longer though. I’m going to New Orleans with the sleazeteam today. We’re probably going to accidently explode the city, but I’m not too worried about it.

Babe Bambi; Queen of my heart

for Harper’s Bazaar Australia

October 2010

WTF is this shit?

21 Sep

I don’t usually post twice in a day, but I just couldn’t not blog about this…& since I am leaving for New Orleans around midnight & will be gone for nearly two weeks (don’t expect too many [if any] updates), so I figured I might as well.

I’m not sure if I love this or hate it. In one way, it’s the stupidest belt I’ve ever seen in my life…but on the other hand, it’s also pretty badass. Now, granted, if you’re going to pull off this dumb accessory, you need to be a size -00…so I doubt you’ll be seeing too many people aside from fashion’s favorite coke head, Kate Moss, wearing this thing.

I don’t know much about the skeleton belt, except that it was created by Delfina Delettrez & runs around $2500 (pocket change). I don’t think I’ll be saving my money for this anytime soon, but I am guessing if I really wanted to, I could probably find something similar this time of year at Spirit Halloween.

…it’s like the more I look at it, the dumber it gets.

Source: Opening Ceremony

Anna Sui 2011

21 Sep

Holy cow, don’t even get me started.

Everything about this collection/show is gorgeous. Sui has really been impressing me lately.