Free People

10 Feb

hello, strangers. it has been quite a long time; it wasn’t all a total break from backwoods, but i’ve been swamped with job 1, job 2, and finishing my last semester of school. whew- a lot of things going on. i won’t elaborate, because this isn’t a blog about my personal life- but here i am, back & ready to show the goods (not my goods, but maybe the goods in my closet).

before continuing though, i would just like to let y’all know that i am probably shutting down this account soon and moving over to blogger. this layout looks rather funky on every other computer & it isn’t exactly what i want. wordpress isn’t the best with layouts & i am not the best with html, however, blogger’s got some good stuff.

i’ll let you know as soon as a decision is made & where i will be. but now…onto the clothes!

meadow, candy, ginger, lou

free people girls of style, feb ’11

LOVE…probably because it reminds me of Alabama (my one true love).


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