12 Sep

This weekend I reconnected with a friend I lost touch with about 6/7 years ago. I have spent most of those missing years trying to find her, but always failed due to me moving too much, constantly changing my phone number/email & all in all- being forgetful of her information. I used to spend nearly every day with this girl- & somehow or another, our friendship just fell off the face of the earth. But somehow (& thankfully!), on Friday night, I got an email from Live fucking Journal (which I have not updated since 2006) saying I had a message (since when did LiveJournal get an email service?) & low & behold, it was Jessica Naomi. Holy moly, I almost fell off of my bed. Needless to say, talking to her again was like nothing had changed. We picked up right where we left off.

Anyway- turns out she has this Etsy shop, Conjuration. Some of the most gorgeous stuff ever. Very fairytale-esq; witch boxes (I want one of those so badly), crystal necklaces, perfume oil, Dracula lockets (want that so badly, as well), specimen cabinets, etc etc. Just look at this stuff:

& then, as if I couldn’t enjoy her stuff (& her) even more than I already do, I start browsing around her Flickr account & see this:

Now, if you’ve been reading this blog since it’s birth, you may recall me obsessing like a shitdick over something rather very similar:

So, of course, when I saw her version of the ring I have been obsessing over for nearly a year, I wanted to email her & tell her to put together a jewelry box for me or something. Which, I still may do (Jessica, if you’re reading this….hinthint. Just kidding. Sort of)… So please, please go check out her stuff. You’re going to love it. Read about it in her profile. Go look at how lovely she is on her Flickr account, etc etc. Just go. Buy her stuff. Tell your friends.

Jessica- I am so, so happy we have reconnected. You have no idea ❤ Love you.

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