7 Sep

Most perfect labor day weekend. Two of my favorite people from Los Angeles came up to visit; did some shopping, ate too much, much needed laugh-fest, etc. Mel chopped away my bangs & I added a few things to my wardrobe. I’m really loving this trend of oversized everything. I hate getting dressed, so if wearing “baggy” things is as close as I can get to never getting out of my pajamas, then so be it. & those shorts…well, they are just so stupid, I couldn’t resist buying them.

I also got a few other things, along with some different hair products from my friend Mallory. She’s shipping them to me. They were not cheap by any means…but thanks to her being so amazing, I got them on a delightful discount & I am hoping my hair grows down to my ass overnight.

Speaking of hair…here’s a picture of my new bingo bango’s.

& one more thing before I go- I used to do this thing on my blog every Tuesday called “Tuesday’s Tunes” (dumbest title in the history of titles, I know). I haven’t done it in a long time, but since it’s Tuesday…

I cannot- CANNOT- stop listening to Temple of the Dog’s first (& only) self-titled album. The album was released in 1991 & definitely has that classic 90’s grunge sound (as it should since the band consists of Eddie Vedder & Chris Cornell). God damn, it’s so good. However, to add into that mix, I’ve also had the song “Gambler’s Blues” by Lightenin’ Hopkins on repeat all weekend too. Go figure.

I will be in New Orleans in exactly 2 weeks. Much needed break from the west coast; can’t wait to be back south & love on all of my favorite people.


One Response to “Wallflower”

  1. itsstrangelyme 09/07/2010 at 9:44 am #

    I really like the first shirt!
    It has so much potential for dressing up or just to be worn casually, love it!

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