Get r’ done

27 Aug

As stated in my “about me” section, I write for a music magazine out here. Though I love fashion & bullshit bullshit bullshit…being a music journalist has been my dream job since I was about 8. My best friend of 20 years moved back to Austin, TX (along with her brothers & mom- where she is originally from) about 5 years ago & has been trying to get me out there with her ever since. I came close to living there in 2005, but went to New York instead…& ever since New York, I haven’t been able to keep my feet on the ground.

However, now that graduation is closely approaching, it’s time for me to look for big girl jobs- & as luck may have it, a few magazines based out of Austin are interested in talking to me. I’ll be going down there soon to interview & wow them with my knowledge of…nothing…& hopefully be all set once I get my diploma. I don’t know- I just miss Allison & we’ve been talking about this happening ever since we went our separate ways.

Who knows what the future holds, really? I’m applying for jobs there, New York, Atlanta, Nashville, & even at a place in Pittsburgh. I miss the south way too much, so New York & Pittsburgh are not at the top of my list, but at this point in the game, whoever offers me a job, I am taking it- despite location.

Blah blah blah- since I am going to Austin once it cools down & need to look somewhat put together (but still slightly off balanced, since that seems to be my typical style) when I meet with potential employers, here’s a little number I threw together & wouldn’t mind wanderin’ around Austin in.

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