RIP Macbook Pro

23 Jul

The fat & retarded 4 legged purrbeast I live with broke my computer the other night, therefore, I am computer-less until my Mac comes back from being fixed. That means don’t expect too many posts, but I’ll try to keep them coming as much as I can.

My cat weighs about 30 lbs & destroys everything from being over-weight. When he sits down, he knocks everything over. My Mac was no exception. It was like watching a cartoon. I saw him jump up on the table & all I could think was “nooooooooo….” But it was too late before I could come to my computers rescue.

Anyway, so this post isn’t completely pointless, here’s a picture of some new Alexander Wang shoes. He sure knows how to bring the fugz.

God, these are hideous. Someone I know should buy them, though.


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