Day Tripper

11 Jul

I’m going on vacation today, & probably won’t be back until next Monday. As much as I should probably post something about Alexander McQueen’s tacky tribute window at some store in London (they have the dresses looking like they have hung themselves), I will leave you with something happy & exciting.

As a lot of you know, I write for a magazine here in San Francisco. I cover concerts & do album reviews- la la la…Well, last night, I got to cover Paul McCartney! I was put on his personal guest list & ended up being sat 8th row, center stage. It was a dream come true. I couldn’t believe it. I had a photographer with me who was moving around all over the place, so some of these photos are taken from behind- however, they show just how close we were to the stage! To give you a better idea: when the microphone was turned off, I could still perfectly hear what Paulie was saying. It was amazing. Once my review gets posted for the magazine, I’ll give the link on here.

See the rest of the set here: Paul McCartney @ AT&T Park; 7/10/10

Adios, my dears! See you in a week-ish.


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