Scarlett Johansson & her rack for Mango AW11

7 Jul

I really love how natural & not overly Photoshopped these pictures look….

I hate this shit; I really do. I hate it for two main reasons: 1) Scarlett Johansson is gorgeous enough without all of this HD high-tech bullshit painted all over her. All of that mudfuck on these pictures makes her look like a damn robotic clown. & 2) This photographer is a real talentless sonuvabitch. Give anyone a camera, photoshop, & $100,000, & anyone could shit this high contrast mess out. You’re better than this, Scarlett…but work those shoes, girl.


One Response to “Scarlett Johansson & her rack for Mango AW11”

  1. Taylor 07/11/2010 at 4:08 am #

    These just look stupid due to the photoshop. Have you seen this?

    There was huge drama over this, because the model is actually pretty normal and healthy looking and beautiful. But they photoshopped her and made her look like a FREAK of nature. She went on talk shows to talk about how they fired her because she wasn’t really this size and couldn’t get down to being that small. Like anyone would even want to be that small? Photoshopping needs to cool down.

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