Regular Programming

3 Jul

Though I am glad you guys have enjoyed my Twilight & Juggalo posts, I must now return to my regular updating bits. Though the classes which I started this blog for are now over, I am still using this a portfolio piece; & as much as I would love to put pictures of sparkly dildos & .gifs of the Insane Clown Posse in my portfolio, I don’t think it would fly. However, because these posts have been such a huge hit for my blog (mucho gracias), they’ll be appearing every once in awhile- just not all the time. With that said- I shall now return to blogging about things that make me have no male readers.

– – – – – –

While perusing Ebay for a white dress for summer, I stumbled upon this absolutely gorgeous lace number. Bidding has ended (thank God), because I would have spent my last few pennies on it. Now, however, I am on a hunt to find something similar.

Along with that YSL ring I have been eyeing for awhile, I want this dress so bad, I feel like I am about to explode.


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