Cherried to the max

26 Jun

Hello again, readers. So much has been going on, it’s insane. I’ve been working a lot (I’m a music journalist: I review concerts & albums & drink too much whiskey because it’s free) & my hands feel like they are about to fall off from writing so much. But enough about that, let’s review some of my favorite things over the past week or so.

01. Taylor Locke & the Roughs

– This song has been my main jam for the past few days. Oh God, it’s just so good, I think I may bust.

02. Red lips, red nails, red wine.

– Aside from feeling like I should be backstage at a Motley Crue concert, I’ve been loving this look lately. (This was a screencap from video chatting with a friend back home, & though we’ve been laughing about it, I can’t help but love on my red lipstick.)

03. The cherry blossom girl

– If you’re an avid reader of fashion blogs, chances are you know who this lovely little French lady is. If not, I highly advise you get your little butt over to her blog, because not only is she beautiful- but Lord have mercy, does she own some beautiful clothes & a wonderful camera.

04. Liberty of London nail polish for MAC in Blue India

– I love, love, love this nail polish. It’s my new favorite color & I didn’t even give it a second look before I actually saw someone wearing it. I’m not one to approach people about various things they are wearing, but when I saw that polish, I had to have it. The thing is, however, the Liberty of London collection at MAC came out awhile ago, & though they still have some products on shelves, this polish may be hard to find. I called around to 4 different MAC stores before I finally found a location that still had  few bottles. I ended up buying two (this was about a month ago) & one of my bottles is already close to empty. If you can find this color, grab it!

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