19 Jun

Hi all- just a little note to say I am going to be taking a break for a week or so. I just finished this quarter of school, & I honestly have no desire to look at a computer for a few days. My eyes are burnt to a crisp from sitting in five different 4 hour classes for 11 weeks straight, looking at a computer. I’ll be back around shortly. & also, now that classes are over & this blog has served its purpose for a certain class, it will now be going back to randomness. I’ll still do pretend outfits every now & again, but I liked my blog the way it was before- random & chaotic. See you soon!


One Response to “brb….”

  1. Patricia Hollett 06/26/2010 at 2:53 am #

    I noticed you popped in to my site. Not sure how you found me because I only started the blog this week.
    I also noticed that you’re a fashion grad. I also have a diploma in Fashion Design from Ryerson University in Toronto. Spent several years designing clothes for ‘Country Music’ performers, mostly stage wear…flashy stuff! I also did a brief stint at Levi’s designing jeans. Now I write fiction or at least attempt to. Always looking for creative things to do. Love that in my life.
    Good luck with your career.

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