London Calling

24 May

I am pretty obsessed with London; it’s my goal to eventually move there, which is why I am currently in the process of getting my duel citizenship. My dream job is to work for Lula Magazine, which, as most of you probably know, is based out of London. I’m getting close to graduation, so moving there has been on my mind more than normal lately.

With that said, if I were there right now, there are two things I know I would be doing: during the day, I’d be strolling around the Kensington gardens, & at night, I’d be shooting back gin & tonics at a local bar (c’mon, I’m 24- what do you expect?). & what might one wear during these activities, you ask? I’ll show you.



There’s one thing I know for sure about Britain’s nightly attire- they are much more willing to show skin & bring a lot of tough edge to their style. That’s something you don’t see a lot of here in the states, but through my obsessive blogging, I have learned that almost anything goes in London when it comes to style, & I absolutely love that.


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