Spring has sprung

2 Apr

I have a love/hate relationship with spring & summer. I love the warmer months because I’m a big outdoors person- the nicer weather makes my kayaking, hiking, & camping trips much more enjoyable. Also, I like jumping off of random objects into lakes & rivers, which I won’t do when it’s cold cos I don’t want to get pneumonia. However, I hate warmer months for a very stupid & girlie reason: my hair. I have long, curly/wavy hair which goes completely nuts in heat & humidity. Oh, it’s just pathetic. Needless to say, by the time spring & summer passes, my hair throws a celebratory party. With that said, however, I’ll take my messy hair any day if that means I get to go for a good hike & then jump out of a tree into a big river at the end of the day.

Da da da — here’s a list of my spring wants & inspirations:


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