J.Crew Spring 2010

22 Mar

Seems like over the past few days, I’ve stepped away from why I started this blog to begin with. My apologies. I’ve written too much about my personal life, which is pretty boring to read about (anyone’s life is) if you’re not a part of it. I’m switching gears now & going back to the usual blogging.

Really digging J.Crew’s spring ’10 dresses. Don’t be fooled, though- just because they’re J.Crew, they’re not all that cheap. Dresses start around $70 (for the basic knits) & go up to $1800 (yeah, I know).

By the way, was anyone else aware that J.Crew made bridesmaids dresses & wedding gowns? Weird. Apparently Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters are about to start a wedding line, too. I’m sort of excited to see what Anthropologie is going to come out with, but a little terrified to see Urban Outfitters wedding line. I’m sure it’ll be full of hipster styled suits & deep v-neck everything. Great….


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