Swamp Music

18 Mar

I like going to gym when I am bat shit angry at someone. Not only do I stay longer, but it’s pretty therapeutic & I end up not giving a rats ass about the situation after I am done punching stuff & pushing things & running really fast & having sweat drip off my face to make me feel like Rambo….blah blah blah.

Tomorrow I am going around New Orleans to go explorin’ around some swamps, catch a gator or somethin’ & then perform some voodoo over it. I don’t know. I like Louisiana swamps & all of those creepy ass trees that make you feel like you’re going into no-mans land & some crazy mother fucker is going to rise out of the water & cast some sort of evil spell on you (my mother read to me a lot when i was a kid- so my imagination is pretty stupid). I love it.

Saturday, I’ll be back in Birmingham & I’m ready to be around more fire & banjos so we can do some Southside Stompin’. I can’t believe my time back home is coming to an end. There is no way in hell I am excited about going back to California- but thankfully, I already have a plane ticket back to Birmingham for June.

Wanna see a really stupid picture of me & my godsister? Of course you do.

This is the gayest looking picture ever, which is why it’s so good. After this picture was taken, we ran into a baby goat who was such a trouble maker & it would trip up everyone & anything gettin’ in his way. What a badass.

Boop. There he is. Hey, guy….little rascal.


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