Way down in Alabam

7 Feb

I am in Birmingham. Doing this. Doing that. Lost my voice. I sound like I have emphysema. I don’t feel sick?, but apparently I am getting sick (as told by doctor friend #1 & doctor friend #2). I don’t write much about my life, but I don’t have much else to blog about today, so I might as well.

I stayed with my cousin/Godsister last night. Had a great time. Went to some new, fancy shmancy Greek restaurant nextdoor to Jacksons. It was delightful. Greek people love other Greek people, so we were treated very nicely.

Re-RECording my part as Laura in a short we’re trying to put together. As soon as I don’t sound like a 50 year old smoker, I’ll be good to go. Bought some killer red lipstick. Going to New Orleans next weekend to celebrate the last weekend of Mardi Gras. Growing up in a place that celebrates Mardi Gras has always been a treat, but once I moved away, I never went back- so this will be my first time back at my real home in about 5 years. Annnnnd, I’m going to Austin soon to see my best bestfriend (+ family) of 20 years. Oh so exciting! May or may not be going back to California in April (??). Quite enjoying my time away from there.


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