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29 Jan

I just wanted to make a quick little note to express my complete LOVE for everyone at hitRECord. All of our collaborations were screened at Sundance tonight, and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to those actually in Park City at the RECroom who decided to stream it live for all of us that couldn’t make it out the festivities. There were 165 of us watching from all around, 90% of us on the verge of tears watching our work come together. We may not have been there physically, but we were there in heart.

Joe & Dan- you two have created a space for all of us artists to come together and showcase our work. All of us who participate on hitRECord are more thankful than either of you realize. Not only did you guys take us to Sundance, but you got us screened TWICE due to the response being so huge. You’ve opened a lot of doors for all of us and introduced us to hundreds of people who make our work even better than it was before.

While watching the screening tonight, my seaglobes &  heart LOVEsploded. Congratulations to all of us involved with hitRECord. WE DID IT! The founder of Sundance, Robert Redford, told us we were making history. Sundance 2010 will live on forever & ever & ever in all of our hearts ❤

( again by heart )

– Ann

[ above photo’s from a recent film (one of 7 pieces screened tonight at Sundance), “Morgan M. Morganson’s Date With Destiny,” created and edited by over 100 of us hitRECorders; starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Morgan & pretty, little Lulabelle as Destiny. Full movie can be seen here: http://www.viddler.com/player/91a3acea/ ]

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