One for one

11 Dec


. . .but I can’t say what it is because a lot of people from school read this blog & it’s not set in stone (read: it’s been agreed to happen but until papers are signed, it’s not official). However, I can say this much: I work for TOMs Shoes. I have been working for TOMs for nearly 3 years as a representative (I started working about 5 months after the company began), which means I help get TOMs into stores, I plan events, I pretty much do a lot of marketing, etc. I’ve been invited to go on 5 different shoe drops (4 to Africa, 1 to Argentina)- but have had to decline because of school getting in the way. However, I do go to a school where a lot of people wear TOMs & support the entire movement of what my company does. Now- try to link the two things on your own. I’ll help: I go to a school where 90% of its students support the company I work for (& the other 10% haven’t heard of it yet). My company likes to hold events. My school likes having events held at it. Are the wheels in your head spinning yet?

In case you live under a rock, this is what TOMs is & this is what I do.

Please, please, please go to & help support our cause by buying a pair of shoes. One for one! It’s incredible.

2 Responses to “One for one”

  1. Ashley 12/11/2009 at 7:39 am #

    That’s what Benji and I are getting for our anniversary this year! I can’t wait!!!

  2. Backwoods Fashionista 12/11/2009 at 7:46 am #

    Ashley, that’s wonderful. I gave people TOMs last year & that was the year they redesigned their entire packaging & it came with this really awesome little card letting them know that they just gave a pair of shoes to a child without any. I had Cam (my ex) send pictures from the previous shoe drop he was on & I put them in the shoe boxes so that my family could see exactly what we are doing because of them getting a new pair of shoes. It was the best gift ever; they loved it.

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