The brothers Bray

2 Dec

I wanted to share with everyone one of my new obsessions. I recently discovered Billykirk Leather-goods & have absolutely fallen in love. The company was started in 1999 by two brothers, Chris & Kirk. They fell in love with leather goods after seeing a vintage watch in a pawn shop  in Los Angeles, wore it work- receiving a lot of compliments on the band itself & decided they should make something similar. The watchbands expanded into wallets, bags, card cases, belts, etc. Their craftsmanship is incredible. Everything is handmade & absolutely beautiful. The pricing isn’t so bad, either! The two bags I want (& saving up for) are priced between $325 & $350. For a sturdy, handmade, timeless piece, yes- I will invest that much money into a bag.

Also, this a really beautiful video of an interview they did, which I ran across while snooping around the blog section of – check it out!

Be sure to check them out at

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