18 Nov

“New Moon” comes out tonight at midnight. Am I going? No. Do I want to go? No. I tried to read the first book, got through 5 pages, & never touched it again. Stephanie Meyer’s writing makes me want to vomit. It literally hurt my head to read. I find her an insult to literature, in all honesty.

As for the first movie- I’ve seen it; I got it as a gift from a friend of mine. It’s not good. However, watching a vampire sparkle (cos we all know how badass that is) always gives me a good chuckle when I need it.

This also gave me a good chuckle when I needed it:

…trying to avoid all the Twitards, so I’m locking myself in my room for a week.


One Response to “Twatlight”

  1. Jacob Black 11/29/2009 at 2:24 am #

    I have read the books, but the films take the saga to a whole new level. Beautiful young stars, great cinematics and a sound track that rocks… Can’t wait for number 3. Oh well, i’ll just have to reread the books…

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