Bad, bad whiskey

26 Oct

As if I don’t have enough trouble sleeping already, being sick doesn’t make this situation any easier. It’s 4am, I have to be awake for a 9 hour day of school at 6am. How much you wanna bet I don’t make it to class? & as much as I should care, I kind of don’t.

My roommate isn’t here, so I don’t have anyone to keep me company aside from my cat & my music. I’ve posted a thing or two about Junior Wells before, but I don’t think I can stress enough how much I love this man & his music. Does coffee help a cold? I don’t know, but I made a pot & just finished drinking the whole thing while listening to ol’ Junior. It was kind of amazing.

(& before I get told that the reason I can’t sleep is because of coffee, let me tell you a secret: coffee actually helps me sleep better & has never kept me awake. Tea is what makes me bounce off the walls.)

I’ve got another doctors appointment tomorrow. The doctors in Berkeley are the biggest birdbrains I think I have ever met in my entire life. Today at the doc’s office, the nurse asked me how to spell “swallow,” & then wanted to know if 5 was the correct numbered month for May. I just looked at her & could feel my hatred for this place growing that very second.

I’m getting away from the point of this 4am post. The point is: listen to Junior Wells if you want a break from the rest of the world.


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