Oh no

17 Oct

Today I am a little sad., a little blue, a little down in the dumpster. When do I ever get sad? I never really show it for the sheer fact that it’s all pretty silly, & deep down I’m happy as a clam. Today- & sometimes other days- is just one of those days.

I couldn’t sleep last night & stayed awake until 8am, slept until noon, haven’t taken off my pajamas yet. It’s 6pm. I’m going to some blues/jazz show tonight. I’m sort of hoping they suck because the comic relief of people trying to play blues music would make me feel a lot better than actual blues music right now. Ha

Which, speaking of- I know I have been talking a lot about the blues lately, & I guess I should introduce you to who got me hooked on the blues. You have a then-15 year old blonde head, scrawny kid to thank for that. Jonny Lang would be his name, & he graced me with his presence way back in 1996, & since then, I’ve been hooked on the blues. He’s nearly 30 now- still playing, still sort of looks the same, except taller & with a ring on his finger.

Anyway- here are a few of his songs. These were from a show he did in ’99. He was 18 at the time.


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