Elizabeth & James

11 Oct

I was going to blog about falling in & out of love, but then I got distracted by looking at the Elizabeth & James collection- & well. . .needless to say, I’d rather spend my time blogging about something I actually give a damn about.


In case you’re out of the fashion loop, allow me to fill you in:

Elizabeth & James is a contemporary line started by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. They also have a designer line called The Row. All of their clothing (which they did design & sketch themselves, believe it or not) is gorgeous. All of the Elizabeth & James items are pretty pricey, but an affordable once-in-a-blue-moon splurge. I have my eyes set on three pairs of shoes, a handful of jewelry, a few blazers, & about 10 dresses.

Calling daddy for the credit card number tomorrow. (Not really)

+ www.elizabethandjames.us +


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