Home is where the heart is (2,532 miles away)

10 Oct

Lately I’ve been missing a lot of things. People, places, old routines. I know I’ve been talking about Birmingham more than I blink lately, but I am looking forward to moving home for a little bit. I miss the way it looks & the way people are. I miss being able to see stars & driving down country roads.

I am trying to prepare myself though. I know it’s going to be different when I go back. Everyone has changed. & I know that 90% of it is for the best, but I hate the feeling of letting go & having to move on…especially when you’re not ready & didn’t realize it was going to happen.

One of the main things that I am going to miss when being back in Birmingham is my own apartment. I miss my little nook (now Amanda’s little nook). I miss the way it was decorated: old folk art knick knacks on the left wall, John Lennon & the Rolling Stones hanging above my couches, candles all over the place, open windows & french doors….I really did have that place decorated pretty cute & it really felt like home.

I remember having some friends over one night & one of them said “I always love coming here because it’s so warm & safe. It’s like being away from the house you grew up in & then coming back after a long period of time & realizing how good it feels to be there.” The house I live in now isn’t like that at all. It doesn’t feel like home & the homeless men & screeching cars definitely doesn’t make it feel all that safe.

I’ve started looking at the interior of other homes & putting together a folder of how I want my next place of residence (crossing my fingers it will either be Atlanta, New Orleans, or Nashville) to look. Enjoy.






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