Vamps & Victorians

25 Sep

I have a huge obsession with vintage photographs. It’s the main reason I enjoy going to flea markets all the time. There’s something about them that really speaks to me & makes me feel pretty. By collecting so many different pictures and prints, a lot of fashion inspiration has ensued.

courtesy of

courtesy of

I love Theda Bara. I think she is beautiful. Everything about her screams elegant & classy. I’ve been browsing through online photographs of her & it really made me spark an interest in black & white clothing with a creepy edge. Maybe it’s just a phase I am going through, much like the punk phase I went through when I was 15 (which we will never speak of again).

courtesy of

courtesy of

These pieces remind me of graveyards & dusty libraries. . .much like the clothing worn in “The Virgin Suicides,” one of my favorite movies due to the cinematography & dresses.

Anthropology is always a good place to look for vintage inspired outfits. I also enjoy Modcloth & Etsy. However, if you can really splurge, there’s always Chanel. Sweet, sweet Chanel. One day I’ll have the pleasure of knowing what shopping there is like.


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