Tut, tut. . .it looks like rain

24 Sep

It’s been raining a lot back home, & it inspired me to look for cute raincoats. I’ve never owned a raincoat or rain boots, and I think I have only had one umbrella in my entire life. You’d think after living in the 5th wettest city in the US for 18 years, I’d own something more than an umbrella to keep me dry. Think again, sweet friends, think again.

After searching high & low for a cute raincoat, I think I have figured out why I never had the urge to own one: they are all boring. I’ve searched high & low, & all I have found have been the same boring designs in the same boring colors.

Just when I thought all hope was lost, I typed the wrong web address into my browser, which ended up leading me to this little gem:

courtesy of flickr.com

courtesy of flickr.com

This little number is from LAMB, & if I don’t own this or something similar, I may have a heart attack. Okay, not really- but isn’t it gorgeous? I feel like I am depriving my closet because this coat isn’t hanging in it. Currently adding this beauty to my “keep on dreaming” wish list.


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