Sew Beautiful

23 Sep

It’s officially the second day off fall, & with fall comes the wind, rain, & dropping temperatures. I would have taken more consideration into packing my clothes accordingly for San Francisco, but in the south, we only have two seasons: summer & football season- neither of which see a temperature below 50 degrees.

My suit cases were full of short sleeves shirts, a couple of hoodies, some flip flops…you know, your regular attire for someone who bakes in the heat 365 days a year. However, now that it’s been awhile since I have lived in northern California, it’s time to ditch my faithful southern attire & replace it with something that won’t give me frostbite.

courtesy of

courtesy of

While looking online for sweaters (short sleeved & long, considering the weather in the bay area changes from street to street), I decided if I was going to dish out a lot of money for new clothes, I want them to be unique & original. I was then lead to a lovely, little lady named Rosario, who hands knits all of her own designs in Patagonian wool & sells them through her design company, Oveja Negra, via

After browsing through her collection, I realized I had just hit the pretty, warm clothing jackpot, and it seems as though I am not alone. Rachel Hagen, an interior designer, as well as a fashion virtuoso, recently discovered Oveja Negra as well. “I love that they are all one-of-a-kind pieces. I know when I buy a sweater or wrap that no one else in the world has it. It makes you feel special. It adds to the entire experience of buying from, which is why I continue to buy all of my winter clothing from her,” says Hagen.

Take a look through her beautiful pieces & help support local designers!


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