Hey, Upper East Siders….

23 Sep


Anna Sui has collaborated with none other than Target to release her Gossip Girl inspired collection starting as low as $20. As if the fashion hype of “Gossip Girl” isn’t enough to tickle your fancy, all of us “normal” people can now afford to look just like our favorite characters (Blair Waldorf, welcome to my closet).

There has been a lot of talk over Anna Sui basing a line off of “Gossip Girl.” Some people were upset because they thought the show was risque & didn’t want it to have any connection to a family-based store, where others were excited because the clothes seen on the show make us want to go into debt for a $700 pair of leggings (if you couldn’t figure it out, I’m in agreement with the latter). Despite the criticism she & Target were receiving, they made the right & wonderful decision to move forward with the collection. & thank our mighty Father that they did!

Look at these clothes! They are beautiful, & it seems as if I am not the only one who thinks so. Fashion photographer & close friend, Lauren Janfeshan from Orlando, Florida, says the clothes “are gorgeous. I want everything. I love the Blair and Serena collection.”

Serena Van Der Woodson Collection

Serena Van Der Woodson Collection

Blair Waldorf Collection

Blair Waldorf Collection

Jenny Humphfrey Collection

Jenny Humphfrey Collection

Vanessa Abrams Collection

Vanessa Abrams Collection

Items are flying off the racks (so much for us fashionista’s trying to save our money during a recession), so get to your local Target or Target.com/AnnaSui soon!

[ all photos courtesy of photobucket & target.com ]

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