I ♥ New York — & The Sartorialist

22 Sep

courtesy of thesatorialist.com

courtesy of thesatorialist.com

I have to admit, I’m not a big reader of many fashion blogs- mostly because I can’t afford over half of the things people talk about. It ends up depressing me more than inspire me. However, after searching around the web for something interesting to make my first blog about, I came across The Sartorialist, a New York, fashion based picture blog.

It seems as though I am not the only one to stumble across this masterpiece. Vogue, Elle, & Womens Wear Daily happen to be among the few publications to have discovered this little treasure chest on the internet. Am I too slow for the web, or did I just underestimate three of the most popular fashion magazines in the world? Either way, the publicity this website has gotten should be more than enough to entice you.

courtesy of thesatorialist.com

courtesy of thesatorialist.com

The colors, textures, & all around vibe of the photographs inspire me to dig though my closet rather than go to the mall. A lot of the outfits seen on The Satorialist aren’t much more than jeans & a t-shirt, but paired with the most unique accessories. It turns the entire garment into something completely inspiring, original, & different. The Satorialist is New York fashion at its finest. This blog definitely gets the creative juices flowing.

The blog was started in 2005 by photographer & proud daddy of two, Scott Schuman. “…when I first started taking photographs, I had a camera, but didn’t look like a photographer. It got people curious as to who I was & came up to talk to me. That was a good way of getting word out about The Sartorialist. I have been able to develop a strong voice of my own,” Schuman says.

If you need a little pick-me-up & inspiration, I highly recommend visiting The Sartorialist. Schuman is like fashion hawk: he spots unique, creative, & inspirational clothing from miles away. Thankfully, he photographs his prey, leaving us with a head full of new ideas.


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